The Purpose of This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to defend Christian truths in a direct, clear and straightforward manner. Christianity is under attack in the west, and the root of the problem is twofold:

1. Decadence has corrupted our ability to obey moral standards and the truth.

2. The intellectual priest-class has betrayed its duty to teach the truth and now subverts it.

There are many informative books, websites and studies. This blog is meant to compile the best resources to defend Christian truths and principles of civilization. Posts will operate according to three virtues of writing. They are brevity, clarity and truth:

1. Brevity respects the reader’s time and energy.

2. Clarity makes understanding easier and faster.

3. Truth is what this blog conveys.

This an archive of facts. It is not an opinion piece. Farther Right serves as a diving board into the Neoreactionary movement, Dark Enlightenment and Alt-Right with a Christian direction. Many other resources will be linked to, since this project is only a diving board for those seeking the truth.


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