An Explanation of the Tags

This blog is a compendium of information and arguments. It is not an opinion piece. The majority of the content will link to other content or directly reference crucial works. It will frequently revisit specific topics in order to share new, helpful information.

This post will clarify the meanings behind the category system. The category system makes searching for specific information easy and fast, and this post will make it easier to understand why these groups were made.

In general, the purpose of this blog is to make right-wing forensics as easy as possible. The chosen topics and their individual depths of focus are meant to represent issues of priority in the political sphere.

Gender and H.B.D. are very crucial topics. The latter is an acronym for “human biodiversity”. This is a field that studies why human beings are inherently different. The reason why so much focus is on these two topics is because gender and race are the two essential modes of intractable human differences. It is necessary to overturn modern liberal arts’ focus on nurture, since their teachings direct public policy despite being completely unscientific.

“Anthropology and Economics” categories refer to group dynamics. “Psychology and Physiology” categories refer to individual traits. “Comprehensive Analyses” categories are self explanatory.

“Articles” are pieces without research. “Articles With Research” are pieces with research. “Research” is academic research.

“History and Political Philosophy” categories are self-explanatory. They represent essential points of discussion in political discourse. “History and Social Theory” is the category meant to analyze cycles of civilization and macro-trends.

“Christian Apologetics” is the category for addressing challenges to Christian belief. “Political Ethics and Biblical Interpretation” subsumes two fields under one category, since they are necessarily related. “Spirituality and Psychology” subsumes two more related fields under one efficient category. “Theory of Mind, Epistemology and Metaphysics” is the category for the most esoteric questions about the mind, knowledge and reality.

“Entertainment” is for right-wing media.

“Book Reviews” are book reviews.

“Antiheroes In Media” is a special series for analyzing conventional villains who may actually be right in their beliefs or intentions. It also deals with heroes who change allegiances.

“Modernist Critiques” is for rebutting the philosophical contributions of scientists and postmodernists who criticize Christianity.

This work will not comprehensively deal with every question, but it will deal with the most pertinent areas of discussion in the conservative worldview.


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