lays down the stats on black dysfunction.

If you reject racial nationalism but accept the evidence offered by Putnam’s work, then you are left with two opinions. On the one hand, you could say that White nations should let non-Whites in even though it will hurt our societies because doing so might help non-Whites. In other words, you can be a “cuckservative” and deny the obvious truth that White people founded our nations, we pay for our nations, and so our nations should work in our interest. On the other hand, you can suggest, as Putnam himself does, that society will someday learn to overcome racial bias and, at that point, diversity will finally become the strength liberals have always pretended that it is. There is no evidence to suggest that this will ever happen. It is a utopian fantasy totally detached from what we know about human nature and is no more likely to succeed than any of the other utopian fantasies that leftists have pushed over the years. is one the best forensic resources on the Right. Many of their posts will be linked to on this blog.

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