President Trump can fire any civil servant.

We all know that Trump loves firing people who are no damned good, and that giving effect to his program requires firing a whole bunch of civil servants.

From time to time the pious say that this shows that Trump has no understanding of how government works.  The president cannot fire people.

Someone who may not be named drew my attention to Myers v. United States a much ignored but never overruled Supreme Court decision that the president can fire any federal government employee he damn well pleases for any reason or no reason at all, and that any law restricting his power to do so is unconstitutional.

Constitutional Americanists hate the idea that the ascending Trumpenfuhrer will defy their most sacred scrap of paper.

Unaware that their scrap of paper has been defied and spat on for the past century, they fail to realize that federal power has exceeded nearly all intended limits while remaining true to the letter of the document.

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