Balance is always important. 

One thing I always try to remember are the three dimensions of reactosphere dissent. I must always seek balance between these three topics, never emphasising one to the detriment of the others.

1. Christian Theism

God is not a hands-off clockmaker. Christianity is the only belief system that stands up to intense, skeptical inquiry. All others have to twist themselves into logical pretzels when it’s time to answer hard questions.

2. Sexism

Boys and girls are different. Every human civilization was made possible by patriarchal control of female sexuality, no exceptions. The female menstrual cycle is evolved to cuckold provider males after collecting the genetic material of physically healthier men. Forcing monogamy encourages provider men to build and work in order to support families. That is what keeps the water running and trash off the streets.

3.HBD (Racism)

Humans are smart animals with different skills and traits. Intelligence, empathy and height are genetic. Society must be designed to encourage certain kinds of people to have lots of children and for other types to find work and happiness suitable to their abilities.

I encourage my fellow religious bigots, sexists and racists to seek balance in their dealings with the left. All too often it is easy to focus on the topic nearest to your comfort zone. 


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