It is impossible to separate self-interest from ideology.

12755216_1191563687528437_1179736355_o.jpgEveryone has a vision of what ought to be the case that benefits themselves. This is true for 100% of the population, and I am no exception. The things I prescribe for others and for society benefit me in a long-term sense, so why should anyone listen to me?

I support what I support, because it is what the Bible teaches, and I am a Christian who actually believes what Jesus told humanity about heaven and hell. It is impossible to separate self interest from ideology.

I can also argue from Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian perspective that controlling female sexuality helps everyone in the long run. Yet, that isn’t really the point.

I will likely be dead before any significant changes will be made in our culture to the effect of restoring the patriarchy, even though I really, really want those changes. There are even better reasons to consider why one should act counter-intuitively in this present.

1 Cornithians 3:13-15 states that the works of those who pass on will be tested by the fire. Those who have done good in this world will receive a reward, whereas those who have done nothing similar will perish.

Revelation 3:16 states that God rejects those who are lukewarm to Him, and Jesus says in Luke 14:26 that Christians must hate themselves and their loved ones in order to follow Him.

If eternal life and reward aren’t supposed to distract us from loving God for Himself, then Jesus and Paul shouldn’t have promised us these things. We should all strive to love God for God while never fooling ourselves that the alternative is damnation. Spiritual self-interest is impossible to separate from ideology, but we can strive to love God for who He is and maybe even do so by His grace.