Man of Steel’s General Zod is a legend.

I find great inspiration in General Zod’s endless and unbreakable will. The man is Krypton’s true protector. His only sin is trying to exterminate the aliens on earth, which is understandable considering that the very existence of his race was at stake.

I do not defend Zod’s actions insofar as they justify the destruction of another race in order to benefit one’s own. Yet, what can be done if there is simply no other option? The most just arrangement is for all peoples to have their own homes in their own homelands, but space is sometimes limited. Conflict will always exist until the end of the world, and General Zod’s intentions are to ensure the survival of his people. For all his flaws, Zod is a fallen hero. I strive to embody his perfect devotion and willpower to my cause as I temper it with justice.