Punching to the right is morally necessary.

Whether this is an example of self-sabotage or external sabotage, “Never punch to the right,” has become an accepted piece of wisdom among less-intelligent reactionaries who don’t know how to make coherent worldviews.

The phrase: “Never punch right,” is meant to protect reactionaries from internal division. Christian traditionalists, KKK Nazis and atheist redpillers all agree on principles of traditional gender roles and ethno-nationalism. Therefore, Christian traditionalists should not condemn Nazi types demanding race-war extermination or the scientific misogynists who want to replace the female species with sex robots and birthing vats.

This piece of wisdom is useless for reforming society. People who repeat it out themselves as idiots who see nothing wrong with extremism as long as it is their type of extremism. Conservatives who identify with this principle are not on the Right. They are just intellectual sloths who hate to admit that elements of their bad ideologies are downright wrong.

In order to wipe the slate clean of those who don’t know how to think, I’ll redefine the context for what counts as the Right and what counts as the left.

Anything that is consistent with the will of God as it is expressed through the Bible is the political Right. Anything else is in direct rebellion to it and should be expunged.

Divine Command Theory is the only ethic that logically justifies basic moral claims. Anything else is just nihilism and myopic self-interest. Hitler fans shouldn’t complain if they get killed by BLM. In a worldview devoid of clear moral principles, the survival of the fittest is the only ethic that matters. Black thugs become just as virtuous as Nazi larpers when we never punch to the right.

This also applies to redpill types who undermine the manosphere’s credibility by suggesting that women should be replaced with sex robots and artificial wombs. No one should miss these people if they fail to reproduce. I am no fan of feminism, but the reason why I oppose it is to protect the long-term interests of men and women who are all harmed by a feminine-primary social order.

May everyone who defends this misguided principle find themselves ostracized or marginalized as those who are guided by reason and virtue establish our conservative order. Barring the nominal Christians who revel in our hedonistic society, those who care about heaven and hell will find our own communities to thrive in.