Why is this not a Dark Enlightenment blog?


First off, the term, “Dark Enlightenment” is too edgy for me. It drives people away by being so cool.

On a more serious note, I don’t use the term because it sounds too nerdy. I love D&D, and I can recognize when something is too dorky for the mainstream. No one wants to associate themselves with movements full of fedoras who look like Jerry Messing up above.

For that’s another problem with the Dork Enlightenment. As wonderful as the movement is, it fails to attract the kind of personality that can effect real change. Sufficient charisma has always been a problem on the far right, because the type of person that is attracted to these ideas usually suffers from extreme male brain syndrome, also known as autism.

Intelligence fetishism also afflicts the D.E., which believes that the population’s average IQ score makes or breaks a functioning civilization. High-functioning assburger types usually transfer to the D.E. once they are done with libertarian dogma. Rejecting Locke’s tabula rasa paves the way for autistic brainiacs to preen over their high IQ’s as they discount all other mental traits.

My autism is either too extreme or not extreme enough to join in on the fun. HBD Chick understands that differences in empathy are important to the chagrin of the extreme male retards, who believe that China is a good place to live because the country scores high on IQ tests.

As much as I support the church fathers in the spirit of their sexism, many women prove themselves to be more capable than men of high-level thinking and rationality. I do not admit these things out loud, because women are pedestalized enough in western society. In the aggregate, men are smarter and more rational than women, but there are thousands of women who are more capable than men in these two respects. The Apostle Paul probably accounts for general ability in his prescriptions in I Timothy 2:12, but I believe the reasons for female submission have to do with the evolved expendability of the male sex.

In conclusion, the Dark Enlightenment is afflicted by nerds who are trapped by the ego-affirming elements of HBD. Thankfully, Neoreaction is willing to ostracize cuckold degeneracy for the sake of its public image. It is simply ironic that the anti-feminine elements of the right are blindsided by the more reasonable perspective of HBD Chick, whose explanation includes feminine empathy as a mental trait that civilized the barbarian clans of western Europe.