All masculine men are mentally-ill according to leftist psychologists.

The new meta-analysis, which was published Monday in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, synthesized 78 studies on masculinity and mental health gathered between 2003 and 2013. The participants ranged in age from 12 to over 65, and the vast majority were men. A little more than half of the studies involved predominantly white men, although some focused on African Americans or Asian Americans. Most of the studies didn’t ask respondents’ sexual orientation, but among those that did, most of the participants were straight.

Researchers then identified 11 norms considered to be “traditionally masculine” — desire to win, need for emotional control, risk-taking, violence, dominance, sexual promiscuity or playboy behavior, self-reliance, primacy of work, power over women, disdain for homosexuality and pursuit of status — and looked to see whether they were associated with particular mental health outcomes.

In general, the men who stuck more strongly to these norms were more likely to experience problems such as depression, stress, body image issues, substance abuse and negative social functioning. They were also less likely to turn to counseling to help deal with those problems. The effect was particularly strong for men who emphasized playboy behavior, power over women and self-reliance.

The ugly woman and “male” feminist union has decided that conventionally-masculine traits are a sign of mental illness. If this is true, then women are insane as well, for they generally prefer income inequality and masculine traits among the men they mate with. This post is not categorized under the “Gender – Psychology and Physiology” tag, because the research does not satisfy scientific standards. The piece itself is an example of the feminine imperative’s efforts to demonize masculinity.

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