Civilizations aren’t killed. They commit suicide.

Evola gives the Traditionalist viewpoint when stating that there “have been many cases in which a culture has collapsed even when its race has remained pure, as is especially clear in certain groups that have suffered slow, inexorable extinction despite remaining as racially isolated as if they were islands”. He gives Sweden and The Netherlands as recent examples, pointing out that although the race has remained unchanged, there is little of the “heroic disposition” those cultures possessed just several centuries previously. He refers to other great cultures as having remained in a state as if like mummies, inwardly dead, awaiting a push “to knock them down”. These are what Spengler called Fellaheen, spiritually exhausted and historically passé. Evola gives Peru as an example of how readily a static culture succumbed to Spain. Hence, such examples, even as vigorous cultures such as that of the Dutch and Scandinavian, once wide-roaming and dynamic, have declined to nonentities despite the maintenance of racial homogeneity. 

The reactosphere’s eugenic fixation sometimes ignores that many homogeneous societies of “superior” races fall apart and die. Sweden, Denmark, Japan and many ancient civilizations constitute examples of homogeneous societies that have fallen into disrepair through their own spiritual weakness.

What these civilizations have in common is that they were born through the ecological demands for short time preference and sexual monogamy. Without large-scale sexual socialism and personal restraint, none of these civilizations would have become great.

Human beings devote their energies towards fulfilling the prime directives of homeostasis and reproduction. In an environment of abundant resources, the former directive is subsumed by the latter as males compete with each other for increased sexual access to more females. Women pair up with the most resource-endowed and powerful men according to their hypergamous dictates. Resource inequality between successful and unsuccessful males creates a permament culture of low-level violence as unsuccessful men rape women and kill each other in order to offset the mating imbalance. Because their is roughly one woman per man in any given human population, successful males who accumulate extra females rob other men of reproductive access.

Therefore, all successful civilizations that virtually eradicate resource scarceness recreate this state of affairs. Furthermore, women use their independence from male provision to hypergamously pursue top males for their genes.

Therefore, homogeneous societies are not immune from the African mating model once they establish consistent resource availability. Civilizations aren’t killed. They commit suicide.

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