Gnon is the bridge between religious and irreligious Reactionaries.

GNON is an acronym popular among reactionaries. It stands for “the God of Nature Or Nature.” It is intended to function for reactionaries and their interlocutors of an agnostic or atheist persuasion as the Torah, Logos, dharma or Tao do for religious types, but without entangling them in any religious commitments, or the difficulties that ever attend them. It is the Order of Being. The general idea is  that, whether or not there be any God of Nature who is its source, Nature herself has an inherent and utterly implacable, incontrovertible order, which we contravene at our peril, and which it behooves us therefore to discover and then faithfully and meetly enact; so that, recusing ourselves for the nonce from any tiresome discussions of a religious sort, with their endless bitter controversies over obscure points of doctrine, we may get on quickly to remembering that it is a Very Bad Idea to Mess with Mother Nature, to learning about her, and to shaping our policies accordingly.

In the nature vs. nurture debate, Reactionaries lean towards a nature-dominant or balanced view whereas leftists only emphasize extreme nurture. This observation mostly holds true for academic leftists, who must emphasize an entirely unrealistic view of the debate in order to accumulate more power for the Cathedral (also known as public universities).

Gnon helps secular academics articulate a teleological view that respects the contributions of genetic nature. It also cuts Postmodernism off at the knees by establishing Metaphysical Realism as the philosophical precondition for political discourse.

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