Promotions increase women’s chances for divorce but not men’s.

We show that promotions to top jobs dramatically increase women’s probability of divorce, but do not affect men’s marriages. This effect is causally estimated for top jobs in the political sector, where close electoral results deliver exogenous variation in promotions across job candidates. Descriptive evidence from job promotions to the position of CEO shows that private sector promotions result in the same gender inequality in the risk of divorce.

Female sexuality never seeks its own level. It always seeks the sexual access of top men whose exclusivity they cannot negotiate. Therefore women pursue an alpha fucks, beta bucks dualistic sexual strategy. When income parity leans in their favor, they ditch the poor sap who couldn’t keep up. Feminism encourages intelligent and creative women to never reproduce by increasing their social status to the point that only the top males can satisfy their hypergamy, whereupon they discover that these alpha’s exclusivity is hard to negotiate. 

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