What is Cultural Marxism?


Cultural Marxism refers to a school or offshoot of Marxism that conceives of culture as central to the legitimation of oppression, in addition to the economic factors that Karl Marx emphasized.[1] An outgrowth of Western Marxism that found popularity in the 1960s as cultural studies, Cultural Marxism asserts that traditional cultural phenomena commonly believed to be intrinsic to Western society, such as the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, nationalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity,[1] are actually historically recent developments that serve to justify and maintain the existing hierarchy of power.

To control what students learn in the school is power whether that is determined by liberals or conservatives. Liberals pretend that only conservatives want to control others through enforcing certain norms. This is the most blatant lie of the century. To teach what one wants to see happen in society is inevitable and necessary. What are teachers going to do? Teach nothing? Should they only teach science? Cultural Marxists are evil, and their institutions must be destroyed.

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