Dealing With Disagreement

I’ve found that liberals who want to “discuss” issues regarding race, gender and religion are usually seeking some sort of compromise instead of the Truth.
For example, if you want to tell them that I Timothy 2:8-15 supports patriarchy, they’ll sometimes want to “discuss” those verses with you. After a while, you find out that they just don’t care that their beliefs are inconsistent with the text. They’ll keep on insisting that the Bible must mean something else.
I don’t know what to say at that point. Even if you refute their objections, they’ll leave things up in the air by saying something like: “I’ll have to get back to you on that. You brought up some interesting points, but I’m not sure if everything has been addressed yet.” After wasting your time with them, they’ll just back out.
This is why Alvin Plantinga said that the only way to know anything is through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. People just doubt forever and act like you failed them if they aren’t convinced. There is no right amount of information that can persuade someone, because “persuading” someone is technically impossible.
They’ll either just decide that their cherished beliefs are too inconsistent with reality to be right. It’s all about whether they listen to their conscience, which is a moral issue.