An Update On Updates

Because I am busy throughout the week, most updates will be posted on the weekends. My update schedule will be restricted to Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, the "Comedy" tag has been changed to "Entertainment". That is all.


The Master Tag List

This post is a short reference for finding posts by tag. Click on a link to find posts of that nature. The Archive I. Antiheroes In Media II. Book Reviews III. Entertainment IV. Gender A. Gender - Comprehensive Analysis B. Gender - Anthropology and Economics 1.  Gender - Anthropology and Economics Articles 2. Gender - Anthropology and Economics Articles With … Continue reading The Master Tag List

What is Neoreaction, the Dark Enlightenment and the Alt-Right?

Neoreaction is the intellectual movement started by the writings of Mencius Moldbug and English philosopher, Nick Land. The movement rejects progressive, liberal reform and egalitarianism. A key assumption is that the western establishment of public education and democratic government is fundamentally leftist. In addition, the establishment currently serves the roles of church and state by … Continue reading What is Neoreaction, the Dark Enlightenment and the Alt-Right?